. . . . . . . . L u k a s z G r u s z k a

Lukasz (Woo-kash)

I am a certified Traditional Javanese Massage therapist, a Holistic Massage practitioner, a Meditation Teacher and Masters graduate in Religious Studies.

I received my ITEC training in Holistic Massage at St. Mary's University, Twickenham and qualified as a Javanese Massage Therapist at the School of Traditional Javanese Massage in Singapore. I am currently the only Traditional Javanese Massage therapist in Surrey (and possibly all of England).I am also a Meditation Teacher and have been practising for over 20 years. As a Benedictine Oblate (lay monk) of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM), I received training and guidance from spiritual director, Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB, whilst working at the WCCM Retreat Centre in North London.

My professional interest stems from the great desire to unlock the hidden potential that lies in a human (being). I work every day towards exploring the relationship between a person's mind, body and spirit with regards to his environment. I believe that this relationship is the key to the art of happiness. I adopt a holistic approach to therapy where mind, body, spirit and environment all play essential roles in creating a healthy and balanced life, also commonly known as well-being. As the proverb goes, "A healthy body dwells a healthy spirit".

Through the years, I have been a keen practitioner of various bodywork arts like Karate, Yoga and Tai Qi. These art-forms play a huge part in complimenting my meditation practice, thus enhancing my therapeutic relationship with clients.