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Traditional Javanese Massage

Javanese Massage is considered to be one of the earliest Indonesian massages. It dates back thousands of years ago, originating from Central Java. 

This ancient form of therapy was passed down from one generation to the next generation.

It is an oil-based, deep tissue massage therapy with characteristic long strokes and firm, deep thumb pressure. It also requires the use of the whole hand and the knuckles that help in kneading the muscles. Unlike other oil-based forms of massage, Javanese Massage techniques particularly affect the connective tissues (fascia and tendons) of the muscles.

The essence of Javanese massage lies in the belief that the body accumulates "wind", which causes congestion, flu and/or rheumatism. 

This “wind” is therefore toxic and should be purged. By exerting pressure and applying deep tissue strokes, “wind” is consequently flushed out of the body. 

This form of massage is proven to be useful in releasing and targeting tensions all over the body. The World Health Organisation has endorsed this form of massage that is proven to be one of the essential ways of easing and alleviating the discomfort in the body.